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Haven't signed on with Campus Sonar yet? Think of all the online conversations you're not picking up!

For college campuses, it's likely that less than a third of your online mentions are on Twitter alone. That leaves blogs, discussion forums, online comments, reviews, video captions, and more that you're missing out on.

Sign up for Campus Sonar and we'll not only listen to all of those sources, but provide the insight and analysis to help you find what really matters and plan a path forward. Using your audience's conversations to drive your strategy also drives outcome—according to the Edelman Trust Barometer study, the most trusted spokesperson is a "person like yourself."

Campus Sonar can help you find the people like you to guide your campuses conversation, strategy, and reputation management. Get started with Campus Sonar today.

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Analyze online conversations to provide your campus with actionable insight.

Chart a New Course

You want to use social conversation to drive outcomes like enrollment, brand awareness, and alumni development—we want to help decipher the signal from the noise.

Campus Sonar is a specialized social listening agency that empowers colleges and universities to find and analyze conversations that matter, seize engagement opportunities, and develop data-informed strategies.

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The Power of Social Listening

Social listening is a strategic investment to get closer to your students, audience, and community. Whether you're interested in reputation management, proactive customer service, competitive analysis, or audience research, you need to effectively monitor social media. This means more than keeping up with Twitter and your campus Facebook page and groups. No matter how many staff you have, you can't find all the mentions of your institution across 80 million+ online sources without social listening software and skilled analysts. That's where Campus Sonar comes in.

We Provide Actionable Insight to Ignite Campus Strategy

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Obtain insights from online conversations with no stress to you.

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Support the development of a strategic approach to social media and reputation management.

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Draw on thought leadership, higher education expertise, and the use of leading social listening technologies.

We identify your high-priority needs—and our highly-qualified analysts build custom queries and analyze online conversation data to deliver actionable insights and automated alerts.

Your social listening will be prioritized and strategic, and support multiple areas on campus, such as reputation management, brand benchmarking, enrollment services, and market research.

Campus Sonar Services

Campus Sonar offers flexible, project-based services that fulfill short-term needs or ongoing subscription services that provide lasting value. Whether you need a few tools to supplement your own social efforts, or a full-blown program and analysis, our analysts provide expert strategy and guidance to fit your needs.

Project-based Services

Subscription Services

Our Team

The Campus Sonar team loves digging through and analyzing data, and finding solutions that make our customers happy. They combine new technologies and tools with proven methods to drive results. They thrive on finding nuggets of information that open the door to something bigger. This is Campus Sonar.

Campus Sonar:
Higher Ed Expertise Applied

Campus Sonar is powered by Great Lakes, an education solutions company that has been a trusted campus partner for 50 years. Beyond our extensive history and expertise in higher education, Great Lakes has been at the forefront of social listening.

The Campus Sonar team of highly qualified analysts is ready to help you jump a significant hurdle–going from raw data to actionable insights to drive strategies.

Photo of Liz Gross

Dr. Liz Gross
Campus Sonar Director

Campus Sonar is led by Dr. Liz Gross, a recognized thought-leader, data-driven marketer, and higher education researcher. She launched a successful social listening program at Great Lakes in 2013 and has since been focused on driving social listening forward as a source of business intelligence in higher education. She is a frequent presenter at higher education conferences and is a published author on the topic.

Connect with Campus Sonar

See Campus Sonar present at conferences and events across the country, or stop and visit the team in our exhibit booth.

Conference Date Location Topic or Event Presentation Time
MOACAC/GPACAC April 9–10, 2018 Kansas City, MO Using Social Listening to Impact Enrollment Management Outcomes April 9, 10:15 a.m. Union Hill
SACAC April 15–16, 2018 New Orleans, LA Exhibit Hall NA
IACAC April 25–27, 2018 Itasca, IL Exhibit Hall NA
MIDWest Conference May 20–22, 2018 Dubuque, IA Using Social Listening to Impact Enrollment Management Outcomes TBD
PNACAC May 23–25, 2018 Spokane, WA Enrollment Agriculture: A Digital Strategies Round-Up TBD
UW E-Business Consortium Marketing Peer Group Meeting May 31, 2018 Madison, WI Social Listening and Social Customer Insights TBD
AAUA Leadership Seminar June 7–8, 2018 Philadelphia, PA Using Online Conversation Insights to Restore the Public's Trust in Higher Education TBD
NEACAC/NYSACAC Super Conference June 6–8, 2018 Poughkeepsie, NY How Colleges Use Social Listening to Impact Enrollment Outcomes June 7, 9:15-10:15 a.m.

Emily PrellAnalyst

Emily's interest in analysis began when she took her enjoyment of sports to another level by eagerly keeping stats in a notebook during NBA games. Prior to working as a writer, Emily was a financial analyst, contract analyst, and pricing analyst in Texas, Idaho, and Wisconsin. Outside of work, Emily feeds her wanderlust and interest in photography by traveling abroad and stateside, strategically checking state capitol buildings off her list on the way to her goal of visiting all 50.

Amber SandallAnalyst

With spot-on intuition and a discerning eye for opportunity, Amber gets the value of delivering social business intelligence that's targeted, actionable, and impactful. She brings higher education marketing expertise and a knack for exploring and reporting data in meaningful ways to each Campus Sonar client. When Amber isn't navigating Boolean queries, she's busy working on her MBA program, hiking, or has her nose in a good book.

Ashley TannerStrategist

"If fairy dust is a thing, Ashley Tanner has it." A born listener, Ashley is the one who people open up to. She easily holds meaningful conversations with anyone, and enjoys helping others find opportunities for growth. Before joining Campus Sonar, Ashley served in several campus leadership roles in Career Services, Admissions, and Campus Administration. When Ashley isn't busy cultivating relationships, she enjoys listening to podcasts, hiking, and spending time with family.